Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rumor: Some Modern Warfare 3 Perks and Kill Streaks leaked

Perk 1 :
Name: Covert
Feature I: The first feature to the Perk ‘Covert’ stops the enemy from viewing their killcam when they are killed by you. The main feature also prevents deathmarks from being placed when you kill a member of the enemy team making it hard for hostile forces to pinpoint your location.
Feature II: The second feature to ‘Covert’ allows you to remain hidden from enemy UAVs. In addition you will no longer render a red name or crosshair when an enemy is close to you.
Feature III: The final feature is as expected, you remain hidden from all enemy killstreak rewards making it easy to venture throughout the map without having any trouble from any killstreak reward owned by a hostile player with the exception of Counter UAVs.
Name: Recon
Feature I: The main feature to the Perk ‘Recon’ allows you to gain killstreak rewards with one less kill than normally required. This is the ‘traditional’ feature to Hardline in the last two games.
Feature II: You can now switch your airdrops one time for a chance to get a better reward by double tapping the Square (ps3) or the X (xbox). In addition you can also capture enemy airdrops faster. And finally you can detect when a hostile has booby trapped an airdrop.
Feature III: The final feature is slightly more complicated. Let’s say an enemy calls in an airstrike, well on your screen you will see a long red line showing exactly where the airstrike is going to hit, this is also shown on your minimap. The same goes for when an enemy calls in a helicopter, you will be able to see exactly where they called it in to. Overall this Perk is mainly for players who want to benefit with their team and on their own depending on which features they choose to act on.
Name: Specialist
Feature I: The main feature to this Perk allows you to move faster similarly to Lightweight from previous games. Not much else to say about this.
Feature II: The second feature to Specialist allows you to run for a longer duration much like Marathon from previous games. Again, not much else to say on the second feature to Specialist.
Feature III: The third and final feature of Specialist allows you to walk crouched or prone faster.
Name: Scavenger
Feature I: Pretty obviously the main feature to Scavenger allows you to resupply from dead enemies, from this you can resupply rounds and lethal grenades.
Feature II: The second feature to this Perk allows you to resupply tactical grenades and equipment from dead enemies.
Perk 2 :
Name: Sleight of Hand
Feature I: The main feature to Sleight of Hand allows you to reload all weapons faster. Not much else to it.
Feature II: The second feature to Sleight of Hand gives you the ability to ADS faster.
Feature III: The final feature to Sleight of Hand allows you to switch weapons faster. Not much else to this Perk.
Name: Reflexes
Feature I: The main feature of ‘Reflexes’ allows you to use your knife a lot quicker.
Feature II: The second feature to ‘Reflexes’ grants you less flinch when shot at.
Feature III: The final feature to ‘Reflexes’ allows you to crouch/prone/stand up a lot quicker.
Name: Sharpshooter
Feature I: The main feature of this Perk doesn’t reduce your recoil but it makes it more controllable and more predictable. For example, it will recoil more in the middle and top rather than to the left and right every so often, this Perk doesn’t decrease recoil, that’s what Grip is for.
Feature II: The second feature to Sharpshooter increases your hip fire accuracy.
Feature III: The final feature to Sharpshooter reduces your idle sway, you can also hold your breath longer if you have a sniper rifle equipped.
Name: Bling
Feature I: Allows you to equip three attachments to your primary weapon (default being 2).
Feature II: The second feature to Bling allows you to equip two attachments on your secondary (default being 1).
Feature III: The final feature to Bling allows you to equip two pieces of equipment.
NOTE: This Perk cannot be combined with a Grenade Launcher, and normally Grenade Launchers take up two attachments.
Name: Weapon Master
Feature I: The first feature to ‘Weapon Master’ replaces your secondary with another primary weapon.
Feature II: The second feature allows you to drop no weapon on death.
Feature III: The third and final feature allows you to equip a pistol of your choice along side.
Perk 3 :
Name: Bandoiler
Feature I: This Perk is pretty much the pro to Scavenger along with some extra helpful features. The main feature to this Perk allows you to spawn with full ammunition at the start of matches and every time you respawn. Very helpful when it comes to big games, combined with Scavenger this feature makes it dominant.
Feature II: The second feature to this Perk allows you to have up to two lethal grenade slots and three tactical grenade slots. You also spawn with the extra grenades.
Feature III: The third and final feature of this Perk allows you to hold three extra magazines onto your loadout. So if your gun usually holds 200 bullets and each mag was 30 bullets you would end up with 290 bullets, if you combine this with Scavenger it will be dominant over one man army and teamplay operations.
Name: Tactician
Feature I: Allows you to take no falling damage.
Feature II: You can throw grenades quicker and farther.
Feature III: The final feature to ‘Tactician’ allows you to reset the fuse on grenades when throwing them back.
Name: Infiltrator
Feature I: Your footsteps are silent.
Feature II: Enemy equipment no longer affects you unless it’s a proximity explosive.
Feature III: Your knifing, defusing, reloading and etc is now silent.
Name: Engineer
Feature I: You can see enemy equipment through walls.
Feature II: You can now booby trap enemy airdrops and you can hack enemy equipment.
Feature III: Finally, you can defuse the bomb quicker in bomb based game modes.
Name: Navigator
Feature I: Enemies who have shown on the radar now last longer before fading, in addition it also shows the direction enemies are facing.
Feature II: You are no longer affected by Counter UAVs.
Feature III: Finally, enemies close to you will get their radar slowly jammed, the closer they get.
3) Mortar Team (1 location)
3) UAV
4) Counter UAV
4) SAM Turret
4) Care Package
5) Precision Air Strike
5) Sentry Gun
6) Artillery (3 location)
6) PredatorMissle
7) Attack Helicopter
7) Stealth Bomber
8 ) Harrier Airstrike
8 ) GlobalHawk (blackbird effect)
9) Fire Scout UAV (uav + attackhelicopter effect)
9) Pavelow
9) Emerygency airdrop (4 Package)
9) EMP (last for 60 sec)
13) AC130
15) Chopper Gunner
18 ) Nuclear EMP (Disable Perks for opponent team for 30sec only, Eletronics and Air Killstreaks wont be destoryed.)
25) Tactical Nuke

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Dev Says No Lead Platform

Black Ops was a disappointment for some PlayStation 3 gamers when it released last year. There seemed to be a large group of players that just couldn’t seem to get the game to work properly, this shouldn’t be the case when Modern Warfare 3 releases this November. There was said to be network difficulties, and lag that persisted for months after release. The PC game had it’s troubles as well, and many attributed this to Treyarch developing for the Xbox 360 and then porting the title to both the PS3 and PC. It makes sense for them to do so, the Xbox 360 version of the game is by far the most popular of the group. Microsoft inked an exclusive deal for downloadable content, and had a game that was full functional from launch. Infinity Ward’s creative director, Robert Bowling assured earlier that all platforms would be seeing equel amounts of love, being developed side-by-side on all consoles. The only platform that will recieve “unique optimizations” would be the PC. Bowling also claimed that the game runs at 60fps on all platforms.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mike Brown, Lakers Agree To Deal: Los Angeles Hires New Coach

ike Brown and the Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a four-year deal worth $18.25 million, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.
Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday night that the Lakers had made an offer to the former Cleveland Cavaliers coach.
Lakers executive vice president Jim Buss was said to have been impressed with Brown's defensive style.
Broussard tweeted that Lakers star Kobe Bryant is"on board" with the hiring and has "great respect for him."
Brown was named Coach of the Year after the 2008-2009 season. He went 211-117 as the Cavs head coach and was the fourth youngest coach in NBA history to win 60 games.
The Lakers are expected to make the announcement later this afternoon.


Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars ft. Eric Turner

I thought I'd share with you guys a song that is now my new favorite, it's just so catchy and even better when sung with friends, especially the chorus, enjoy!

Music video by Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner performing Written In The Stars. (P) 2010 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Disturbing London Records Limited under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd

Modern Warfare 3 to be banned in the UK?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Reveal Trailer, which shows scenes of terrorism on the London Underground, is reported to have led to calls for the game to be banned, reports the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is comparing the London Underground scenes to the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London, with those affected unhappy about the likeness found in Activision's guaranteed smash hit. Vivienne Pattison of Mediawatch UK has "concerns" because "these games are hyper-real," adding MW3 "is in incredibly poor taste". This isn't the first time Call of Duty has skirted with controversy. Modern Warfare 2 was heavily criticized by some for its No Russian level, which allowed players to shoot civilians at an airport while taking on the role of a terrorist.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So today, while searching for an episode of The Regular Show. I happen to have found a blog with every single episode, and yes, all seasons included. This really made my day, considering it's one of my favorite shows and I thought I'd share it with you Regular Show fans. Simply check the link below and you're good to go!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 3 post-launch support to be “major focus”

Modern Warfare 3 will not suffer from its predecessor's lack of post-launch support, Infinity Ward has insisted. Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling tweeted that constant patches would be a top priority for the developer. "That is a major focus of mine and the entire team since the feedback from Modern Warfare 2," Bowling wrote. Infinity Ward will be looking to improve on the many updates required to aid Modern Warfare 2, which found itself casualty to a plague of post-launch problems. Trophy errors, broken party invitations, the infamous Javelin missile patch, care package glitch and various online exploits all required fixing. As recently as February this year a major patch was pushed live to try and counter player hacks affecting online play. It comes as the studio were lambasted for not fixing multiplayer exploits and hacks quick enough with Modern Warfare 2 after its November 2009 release. Modern Warfare 3 will launch on PS3, 360 and PC on November 8. The first full trailer for the game will air during the NBA Playoffs on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Official Website Goes Live

Activision has opened the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 website. There’s not much there at the moment aside from the trailers that have already been revealed to world, and some chatter going on across the globe from various social networking sites. There’s an interactive map on the homepage that allows you to see the locations of the points of interest on a global map. There also seems to be some twinkeling hot spots throughout the world, could it represent mini conflicts across the globe? Who knows. I’m sure all will be revealed shortly, as Activision is gearing up for a media onslaught for the game. Last night it was revealed that the NBA Playoffs would host the first trailer for the game on the 23rd. Until then, you can head on over to and check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Call of Duty 'premium service' confirmed

Activision has revealed to investors that the new Call of Duty game will be fully revealed in a matter of weeks. Interestingly, the game is going to really ramp up its online play abilities, promising a range of dedicated online technologies as well as social networking features. These online features are being developed at Beachhead. Moreover, it was confirmed that the new Call of Duty will be the first to offer players extra online options at a premium. However, Kotick of Activision was quick to calm fears. He noted that players will not have to pay more for services that are typically free and that they are used to. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pirate Bay access being blocked but by whom?

One of the biggest sites on the Internet devoted to pirated software cannot be accessed by a number of Internet users at the moment. Engadget reports that some Comcast users are reporting that they have been unable to access the Pirate Bay BitTorrent-based file sharing web site. However, the current situation is looking like it may not actually be Comcast's fault. The report adds that customers that use other internet access providers have also been unable to access the site today. A Comcast rep has already denied that the company has engaged in any intentional blocking of the Pirate Bay site on their end via their Twitter page, saying flat out, "We don't block websites". However the rep added that the company is still looking into the situation. The Engadget report states that on their end, "Pings and DNS lookups seem to be resolved correctly, but users are unable to get to the site." While it's possible that the Pirate Bay could be under attack by hackers so far no hacker group has taken responsibility for such an cyber attack. Of course this is not the first time that Comcast has been accused of limiting its customers' access to the internet. In 2007 it was reported that the company was shutting off customers' access to peer-to-peer (aka BitTorrent) file sharing services. Comcast has also been accused of limiting access to VoIP Internet phone services in the past. In 2008, The Federal Communications Commission ruled that Comcast had indeed engaged in such practices.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Four New Modern Warfare 3 Teasers, United States, Germany, France, and England

The massive leak of Modern Warfare 3 news probably prompted Activision to release the first teasers for the game earlier than expected. Activision has released four new teasers depicting four key locations in the game: The United States, Germany, France, and England. The teasers further the argument that Makarov is alive and well and leading an attack on multiple fronts against the United States and its allies. From the videos it looks like some of the massive leaks that came from Kotaku earlier yesterday are true at least in some respects. The logo which is seen in trailer, now looks to be official. As well as the locations that were mention in the spoiler laden leak. With Activision’s back against the wall, and a lot details out in the open about what in all likelihood will be the biggest game of 2011, you can expect a lot more about the title in the coming days.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft buys Skype, plans to add support to Kinect and Xbox Live

 Microsoft just entered into an agreement to purchase Skype for "$8.5 billion in cash." There's good news involved, even if you're not a Skype investor: "Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and a wide array of Windows devices," Microsoft announced, "and Microsoft will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities." You won't be stuck exclusively using Skype with Kinect, either, as the company plans to continue supporting Skype clients on platforms other than its own (which means Microsoft is now in control of a PSP app). Microsoft did not provide a timeframe for the debut of these Xbox and Windows Phone services, but I'd be very surprised if there weren't a staged Skype call during Microsoft's E3 presentation next month.

PSA: Fake Battlefield 3 'beta keys' offered

Don't let the excitement of the upcoming Battlefield 3 beta cause a serious error in judgment. Community site BF3blog points out that the "beta keys" on the site BF3nation are a scam -- also noting that the site's owners were also involved in a previous phishing scheme. EA has allegedly been trying to shut down the site, but has so far been unsuccessful. When the Battlefield 3 beta is upon us, trust that you'll definitely hear about it from your buddies at Joystiq ... oh yeah, and the rest of the internet. It won't be something that'll fly under the radar. In the meantime, assume anything that involves BF3 beta keys is a scam.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Beta, Confirmed?

Seem's like Steve Fukada had a little score to settle before he left Infinity Ward in April 2010. Although this is not officially confirmed, we can't help but look at the screenshot that he has leaked in suspense. Will we soon be playing Modern Warfare 3 Beta? Only time will tell.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Workers in Apple iPad factories forced to sign anti-suicide contracts

Do you think you have a difficult job? Try working for Foxconn in an Apple iPad/iPhone factory in China. As reported by The Daily Mail, in addition to working nearly 100 hours of overtime in a month, standing on their feet for 12 hours at a time, and not being allowed to say a word while working, employees are now also forced to sign “anti-suicide” contracts. This was in response to a large number of deaths the previous year. The main impetus of this requirement appears to be legal in nature. If an employee violates the contract by killing themselves, the binding document states that the family of the deceased is allowed only the legal minimum in damages. In addition to signing the pact, the company has also put up “anti-suicide nets” around the living facilities to help prevent employees from jumping off of the building to their death. These measures were implemented after last year’s plan of hiring monks to exorcise evil spirits had failed. The popularity of the iPad has put tremendous pressure on suppliers to deliver parts to Apple in a timely manner. To meet this demand, workers are forced to put in long hours, live in dorms with up to 24 other people in the same room, and not say a word to each other while working. These working conditions put a strain on the workers’ mental health, but don’t expect many changes until consumers are willing to pay higher prices for the products they want.

Microsoft Readying New Xbox?

This is absolutely huge if it can be believed. Develop, who are usually very reliable, are quoting an anonymous source as saying that EA have a new Microsoft console on some desks and are preparing first wave software for the machine already. The suggestion is that Microsoft might be preparing an announcement at E3, just in time to steal Nintendo’s thunder on their Project CafĂ© (Wii 2) announcement. According to Develop’s source, the new console is so early in its development that it doesn’t even have proper housing yet – it’s been delivered inside PC casing. We assume that this is indeed normal procedure for the development stages of any new hardware of this type. This new rumour, coupled with the Microsoft job advertisements for hardware engineers from earlier in the year, would seem to indicate that new hardware development is well and truly underway. Just how early in that development we are is another matter but large publishing partners would presumably get access only when the final specification and build blueprints are locked and there’s only testing and refinement to go. E3, then… That’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Call of duty Black Ops Update, Fixes Sniper Rifles

Treyarch has just gone ahead and updated Call of Duty: Black Ops. And four months in, we now have a non-nerfed sniper rifle. Joy! It won't be long now until the complaining starts that they made it too powerful. Aside from the sniper rife adjustments there were a few other issues addressed like matchmaking tweaks which now match you with comparable opponents. With Treyarch leaving in tunable settings so that adjustments to matchmaking can now be done on the fly. Zombie mode got a few updates as well regarding exploits on the boards and leaderboard glitches. The full list is in the read more.

Update 7:

Matchmaking improvements to return higher quality results faster. This change includes settings that are tunable in the live environment, so tweaking may continue beyond initial release of this update.
The in-game store now hides DLC map packs that do not match the language of the player’s disc to decrease the possibility of users downloading the incorrect language version.
Calling in a Chopper Gunner immediately after getting shot down in a Gunship will no longer end the Chopper Gunner run prematurely. Required timing-specific button presses.
Split screen players are now able to change camera perspectives and cycle through players as a spectator.
Addressed an issue where the most recent match played in Zombies could overwrite the best match played on the leaderboard.
Improved Zombies lobbies to prevent players from erroneously receiving the error “Unable to join game session” under certain circumstances.
Addressed a number of community-discovered Zombies gameplay exploits.
Additional security feature updates.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So long

Wow, I haven't been on my blog in forever, sorry guys, but alas! I have returned