Saturday, May 14, 2011

Four New Modern Warfare 3 Teasers, United States, Germany, France, and England

The massive leak of Modern Warfare 3 news probably prompted Activision to release the first teasers for the game earlier than expected. Activision has released four new teasers depicting four key locations in the game: The United States, Germany, France, and England. The teasers further the argument that Makarov is alive and well and leading an attack on multiple fronts against the United States and its allies. From the videos it looks like some of the massive leaks that came from Kotaku earlier yesterday are true at least in some respects. The logo which is seen in trailer, now looks to be official. As well as the locations that were mention in the spoiler laden leak. With Activision’s back against the wall, and a lot details out in the open about what in all likelihood will be the biggest game of 2011, you can expect a lot more about the title in the coming days.