Sunday, August 29, 2010

Latest CoD Black Ops Details

Despite an announcement and the release of the first trailer two weeks ago, details on Call of Duty: Black Ops have not been forthcoming. But thanks to a preview in USA Today, we now know a little bit more about the latest CoD, including a few of the settings, weapons, and missions to expect. To begin with, there's finally confirmation that Black Ops takes place during the Cold War in 1968, with players controlling a team of operatives traveling the world to different hot spots in an effort to contain the spread of Communism. USA Today describes one mission (called "WMD") that begins with the player flying high inside an SR-71 Blackbird over the Ural Mountains, as they view a team of troops on the ground through a surveillance camera and order them where to go. After this command section, the player is then put in control of one of the troops at ground-level, with the goal being to infiltrate a facility inside Russia.
The preview also reveals the addition of a scoped crossbow, which players can use to snipe enemies from afar. Additionally, it also reveals Black Ops will add the concept of alternate ammo, as the player could switch between normal arrow heads or explosive arrows. A customizable AUG assault rifle was also shown, although the demoed level didn't offer any attachments for it.

Also confirmed in a separate interview is that Black Ops will feature a 2-4-player cooperative mode as well as competitive multiplayer, and that the single player story will focus on "at least two main characters" who will become involved in multiple covert conflicts throughout the world.
"The team is really excited about creating a game in this period," said Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia about the new Cold War setting. "We really felt like it was fertile ground for us and we could provide something fresh for gamers." Lamia also said Black Ops would span a "longer period during this era," suggesting it won't take place only in 1968.

Lamia also said to USA Today that Treyarch is using input from Maj. John Plaster, a veteran of the Studies and Observations Group that operated during the Vietnam War, as well as Sonny Puzikas, a former Soviet special forces operative. Still, despite the research, Lamia said Treyarch is "not endeavoring to make a historical account," but an "entertainment product."
Call of Duty: Black Ops is shipping out on November 9.


My Two Sense: I personally cannot wait for black ops. Modern Warfare 2 is such a broken, noob infested camping galore game. I honestly miss CoD4 since it was more of a rush. I hope Black Ops is the same as CoD4.