Monday, August 30, 2010

MW2 vs CoD4

Today, after playing MW2 I decided, for old times sake, to pop in CoD4 and play. Now let me tell you, a huge difference, in fact, I play 1,000x better in CoD4 and came to realize it is a 1,000x better game. For one, in MW2 camping rewards players, in CoD4 its all running and gunning, which I love, and a non-n00b friendly game, which we can all agree upon, unlike MW2. In CoD4, I find that aiming down the sight is quicker, in comparison to MW2 (w/o sleight of hand pro) and much, easier to drop shot (yeah I know it's cheap). It also seems like you die easier and quicker in MW2 then CoD4. I rushed in CoD4 today, Team Deathmatch and went 31 and 4. I tried rushing in MW2, and well lets just say, it turned out for the worst. So, what do you guys, think MW2 or CoD4? Post comments and let me know